28 August 2010

Continued Progress

Very, very close to having the first one of the pair done. I'm excited ... and a little scared. Does anyone else get last-minute jitters on projects? Will the picture in my head match the reality of the effort?


  1. Good evening from Tokyo! My family and I recently moved from the South across the Pacific, and your blog is one of my absolute favorites to read first thing in the morning over a cup of coffee. I tried your avacado toast the other day, and it was both heavenly and simple.

    Best of luck on your chair project! The first one looks incredible. I always had butterflies when nearing the end of DIY projects. I was always afraid that as wonderful as things looked, at the eleventh hour something would go wrong. They didn't, but there's something about that neverous excitement you feel as you come to an end of doing some work.

    Best of luck as you finish up! I know they're going to look beautiful.

  2. What kind of paint are you using?

  3. It looks GREAT!!!

    Please, oh kindred spirit, go check this out:

    Now tell me great minds think alike!?

  4. Erin-

    Oddly enough, it's a "Rust Control" spray paint from Sherwin Williams called "Grey Metal Primer."

    The paint man said I could use it even though rust was not an issue. I love the color! Perfect shade of gray.

  5. gorgeous anna, love that neutral color

  6. looks gorgeous so far! cant wait to see the finished product.