19 August 2010

A Male Perspective

I was most charmed by this catalog cover. Apparently, my menfolk don't have the same appreciation for aesthetic that I do.


  1. THAT is HILARIOUS! Did it just bring a smile to your face when you saw that? What catalog is that, by the way?

  2. Kelly-

    I know. I've been cracking up. In fact, another note has appeared since I first took the picture.

    The catalog is, sigh, Anthropologie. Don't you just wish you could live inside those pictures for a day?

  3. Too funny!! I loved that cover too. I was going to see if I could make a skirt similar to the one she's wearing.

  4. This is so funny and true!! anna, thank you so much for sharing that link and your wisdom yesterday regarding prayer. I need to do it more then sit back relax and watch Him work. Im so thankful for your encouragment and friendship!

  5. oh, I do not get that catalog! How did you sign up for it, at the store?