19 March 2010

Well, Hello There

I can't quite tell if these sunglasses are sexy or hysterical. Either way, I love them. Jane and I had an hour to kill this afternoon and these lovelies were awaiting at the thrift store. For a dollar.

They are definitely circa 1980's, as evidenced by the gold Liz Claiborne triangle at the temple. Giant tortoise-shell Liz sunglasses? Most certainly a relic from my childhood years. But, hey. The 80's are back in, right?

I think I may be a bit of a spectacle (truly, no pun intended) while wearing them, but I will anyways, and with an aire of ignorant confidence. Besides, I've given up on actually being "cool." I drive a mini-van, I have three children, and young girls in their 20's refer to me as "ma'am" when I go out. The gig is up if it was ever really down in the first place.

Regardless of the facts that may indeed be begging me to steer clear of trendy fashionable efforts ... I love me some big ol' 80's sunglasses.


  1. You look totally cute! I love 'em!

  2. I give one vote for sexy! They're adorable... wear them with pride (and drive those three kids in the mini-van with pride, too... I only hope to be so lucky some day!)

  3. Those glasses are awesome. I am convinced one can wear just about anything if one wears it with confidence. (Which might make me a bit of a spectacle, but as you said, "the gig is up.")

    {the word verification is "seess" - in light of your post, "ha, ha."}

  4. My mom had some *exactly* like those! I say wear 'em and love 'em!

  5. I PROMISE my mom had those glasses. I am going to make sure she checks out this post. Wait a minute... could that actually be HER old pair?


    You do look cute, though. How do you manage to look cute with those monster glasses on?

  6. I think they're cool! I remember Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women having a pair.

  7. I love the glasses! And for only $1, they are even better. Oh, and I totally know how you feel about being called "ma'am"! I don't feel like a ma'am, and don't really like being called one (which happens all the time).

  8. you crack me up!!! and your attitude is what makes the glasses, truly :)

    (I have a pair of my mom's sunglasses that look almost like that - I do, yes, wear them!)