11 February 2009

Sweet Nest Bread

4 c. whole wheat flour
3 c. unbleached white flour or white whole wheat
2 - 2.5 c. warm water
1.5 T. yeast
2 t. salt
.25 c. blue agave syrup (or honey)
.25 c. oil (I like expeller-pressed canola)

Toss into the mixer with a bread hook (or knead by hand) 'til soft and dough cleans bowl. Place in glass bowl w/ a touch more oil and turn to coat. Dampen dish towel and place over bowl and let rise 90 mins. in oven. (If cooler weather, place a dish of warm water on rack underneath.)

Divide in half, "roll" out with fist (much easier than a rolling-pin) on the damp towel. Roll up jelly-roll style, tuck ends under, place in greased bread pans. Rise again 30 mins. then bake at 375 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

*I'll often use half for bread and the other half for dinner rolls or cinnamon rolls.
*Have fun tinkering with kinds of flour or tossing in extras, like chopped oats or even sprouts!
*I always use yeast right out of the freezer without any problems. Just keep in an airtight container, like a glass canning jar.
*If you grind your own grain, you can get away with using all whole wheat flour.


  1. Hi! I wouldn't mind at all if you used my picture/linked to me. Thanks for asking. :)

  2. Thanks, Hannah. Those were some seriously good blondie brownies. After I come down from my sugar-high I'll have to post the recipe!

  3. This sounds yummy. I will have to give it a try! Thanks for the recipe.


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  4. I have made this for my fam twice.They love it!

    Emma Crowley