11 February 2009

Black Tea on a White Morning

What a surprise to wake up this morning and find snow! We were able to watch big fat snowflakes fall all morning before it was all melted by lunchtime.

Sometimes snow can feel like a fluffy wool scarf. All cozy and delicious until it's been just too long and it starts gettin' itchy. Today was a lovely cashmere scarf. A perfect accent piece to the day.


  1. We got some snow too yesterday...but I think I missed out on the black tea.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I was surprised too! I had no idea snow was expected! Ellie and I slept in and I got up and got all geared up to take her out on a walk in the stroller first thing. Once we were ready, I looked outside and realized I did not want to go out in snow!