25 February 2009

Shrove Tuesday

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent begins. Traditionally, Christians would give up certain ingredients for Lent that included butter, eggs, and milk, so why not use them up and make pancakes? We invite friends over, share a bit of our faith together, and have a big 'ol pancake feed. It's always lots of fun and gets our family excited for Easter.

This year, we had our own version of a British pancake race, and while not very spiritual, was an awful lot of fun. The picture is horribly out of focus (darn that forgotten ISO function!), but it still gives me the giggles. David and Pops make fine pancake-flipping housewives. They ran a dangerous obstacle course through the house, resulting in a win for Pops. There are threats of a rematch, however, as Pops had home-court advantage as well as shoes. Poor David, clad only in socked feet, performed admirably on the treacherous hardwoods.

(Note: We found that leftover pancakes make an excellent frisbee and can clear the back fence when released from the patio.)

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  1. That sound wonderful and what an experience for your kids, as for your husband... amazing!! I wish you could post a video of it!!