20 February 2009

Piano Doodles

Little Jane, you are so quiet when you are naughty. Whenever did you do this?

Now I must decide whether I am most displeased ... or secretly amused.


  1. Looks like she was "decorating" the piano, so I vote for secretly amused!

    I have a carefully sketched stick figure (in Sharpie)on our walnut flooring that I can't bring myself to clean off...

  2. i am SO glad you found me at birch swinging and now i've found you! i felt like i could leave a comment on almost all your posts, so i've contained myself and just stopped to say hello! you have a lovely family, a darling wit and a sweet sense of beauty. please come by again; i imagine i will be lurking around here too.... :-)

  3. Oh my! Ellie just discovered our piano. You can find her pretty much any time of the day (that the gate to the music room is left open) up on the piano bench banging

    Anyway, I think your decision should depend on how financially valuable your piano is, whether you ever plan to resell it, and whether that would affect it's value at all.

    But then again, I'm finding now that I'm a mom that stuff like that bothers me a LOT less than I thought it would. =)

  4. Hoo, boy--you should see our piano keys! Second Child took a wooden toy hammer to them when he was about three; quite a few of them are chipped! We've checked into replacing them, since it can hurt a bit when your fingers catch on the broken bits...but we would have to replace them all, which would be pretty spendy!