23 February 2009

Turning Eight

Yesterday we celebrated Peter's birthday. Eight years old! The years are revealing a fine young man; an individual that manages to reveal as much to us as we seek to impart to him.

The day was full of excitement: eating, churching, laughing, playing ... and some more eating. Birthdays are a lovely excuse to gather those dear and just enjoy each other. I used to fight a dread of preparation and clean-up, but I'm learning to find pleasure even in those elements. The cake plate empty but for crumbs, gift wrap shredded with glee, a grouping of chairs echoing conversations.

After examining cookbooks, Peter selected an apple bundt as his birthday cake. It was made with a great quantity of butter, so it was bound to be excellent. (We were not disappointed.)

Fruity jellies.

Rock climbing hand grips to mount to the fence. He'll be scaling and traversing in no time.

Jointed (& robotic!) construction set, and his own digital camera ready to photograph Honduras.

Birthday smiles.


  1. Happy Birthday Peter, sounds like a blessed day.

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't believe how fast time goes!!! Happy Birthday to him!

  3. yay! happy birthday! great pictures. The cake looked beautiful!

  4. Kiwi! You've just helped me find the solution to my current dilemma. I'm helping to host a baby shower later this week and must provide a pound cake... I've been stewing over how to present it. The kiwi slices are beautiful and fresh; I'll toss on a few blueberries too, because the baby is a boy!

    Sweet photos. What a happy, delightful day. I love birthdays.