28 February 2009

A Quick Stitch

Earlier this month, I began crocheting a baby blanket in anticipation of Uncle Dan and Aunt Laurel's little baby. Peter was curious and I showed him how to crochet a single chain. He took off with a ball of charcoal wool and whipped up leashes for stuffed critters and rope for his playmobil knights.

Since then, Lucette has been requesting a tutoring session. I've been well intentioned, but rather poor in follow-through. The lessons kept being postponed. So when she asked permission to pilfer the yarn stash and then declared "I'm off to learn to crochet!" ... I didn't pay it much mind.

A half an hour later, she bounced down the stairs with a five-foot chain tagging after her. "Lucette! How did you learn how to do that?" "Oh, Peter showed me real quick." Now that's a quick learner!


  1. She looks like you in that picture. And I love her expression- such concentration.

  2. Wow - she's got more skills than me! :) Smart, little thing!
    xoxo KB

  3. darling photos and and am always amazed at how kids pick this up! what i love even better is her interest in something so simple and timeless