13 August 2009

An Afternoon Ceremony

Did you know that crayons get married?
Well, they do.
They even kiss.


  1. hahaha...that is the cutest thing EVER. :)

  2. Pink and Green... the perfect marriage. I can totally appreciate their marriage made in heaven!!

  3. What a perfect pair!

    (sooooooo cute. I want a Lucette and/or a Jane. Maybe I could borrow one for an afternoon)

  4. very, very sweet...we just had two tortilla triangles get married. The teeth marks are the bride's necklace. lol gini

  5. Beautiful photo! Did you happen to smock her dress?

    The recipe for the green goddess dressing is on my archives dated July 7, 2008. You may find it there if you are interested. Or if you prefer let me know and I will type it for you on your comments. The only alteration I have made is to use less salt, (none is O.K. with me). Using light mayo and sour cream is O.K. too.