12 August 2009

Basil and a Kicky New 'Do

 Last night I went outside to pinch off the flowering tips of the basil. They were so fragrant, I couldn't help but plop the sweet ends into a vase on the kitchen counter. Now, each time I pass by the herb cuttings, I start dreaming of a Caprese salad. And, the tomatoes are almost ready to make my culinary dreaming come true! Add the basil, slices of mozzarella, a little balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper ... Mmmm.

While I was out herb snipping, Pops snapped a few pics on his own. I'm thinking basil also makes a nice backdrop to showcase a new snappy haircut, don't you agree?


  1. yes, yes! fresh basil AND a fresh (very adorable) haircut!

  2. So cute!! the basil is great, but I love the hair!!!

  3. Your hair looks great! Isn't it the best feeling to have freshly cut ends? Your garden is just lovely too :)

  4. Oh, I can smell it even now! I too love basil!!!!(eating and smelling) Just stick bunches in your apron pocket and you can smell it's sweetness all day as you go about your home duties. I have a grandly delicious recipe, called Green Goddess Dressing, which uses fresh basil. It is heavenly if I may say so myself. I would be glad to share the recipe if you would like.
    Your 'do' looks very becoming.

  5. Anna, you look so pretty! And your garden is lush! So if you regularly pinch off the flowers on basil, do they continue to grow in more?