07 August 2009

A Happy Visit

We had a lovely visit from Gigi on her way back to Alaska. She'd been down here making preparations for the move to the Northwest for both her and Grandad James. She and Pops' mom were off to collect him and ship him down to all of us. (We'll unpack him most carefully!)

Gigi is always most observant and complimentary. No wonder she has such a bounty of friends! While peering at our backyard, she commented on the hydrangeas and lace-caps. Inspired by her eye, I tromped out armed with clippers and had them stuffed into my little frogged deco-dish in no time.

I think Gigi and I felt quite pleased with ourselves ... and each other. Now that feels good.


  1. And you should be pleased with yourselves! Your arrangement is beautiful indeed.

  2. Ah, I love lace-caps. Wish they grew well in my zone 5 garden.