20 August 2009

A Very Crafty Bunch

I had thought it to be a little too difficult for her. Once again, I'm learning not to underestimate Lucette. Her back-stitch is truly marvelous.

And her concentration fierce.

Jane is tackling her own embroidered kitty. It's a very vibrantly yellow "Chinese kitty." As a not-quite-4-year-old, she is doing remarkably well. I love her willingness to do her best, even if it looks different than someone else's best.

Peter was actually curious, too. I didn't have any more embroidery hoops (Perhaps a rocket pattern for later?), so he contented himself with making camouflage yo-yo's. I imagine they'll soon find themselves launched by one of his many apparati.

What a pleasant afternoon we've had.


  1. wow, she does do a nice job! way to go, Lucette.

    And seriously, when I read your blog I am transported into a fluffy, lovely family affair. It reads so differently than my messy blog posts. I have a feeling your days at home are much more peaceful and sweet than mine ever are. Sewing, fresh bread (which I have been salivating over, btw)...seriously, when can I move in?

  2. D-
    Now, you know I only use the blog for the good stuff. Your home is always a welcoming center and your family a delight.'re still welcome to move in. (How fun would that be??)

  3. I love that you are teaching her to embroider so young! I remember my single digit days of embroidering and sewing with great pleasure and nostalgia. You are never too young to learn about the good things in life.