21 August 2009

Beauty in Simplicity

Last week, Jane and I tumbled into a new thrift store while the older two partied at a morning VBS. We were looking for "vintage" (the 80's qualifies as vintage??) Polly Pockets. While we came up short in the Polly hunt, we did spy this beauty resting innocuously on a low shelf.

Ink on paper sketch. Signed in pencil by P. Schaafsma. I don't think an artist of note, although I'm rather smitten.

Nestled in a simple, gilded and black flecked frame, it's hanging happily in the living room. And I smile happily whenever I pass by.

To think, I almost didn't buy it because of the price ... a whopping $4.99! I can be so stingy when thrifting. At least I didn't lose my senses completely and snatched this little honey up while I had the chance!


  1. Anna-
    I love it. I love sketches, I am on the hunt for some myself. Have a wonderful day.

  2. neat! I haven't been thrifting for so long. I wish we could go together sometime! :)

  3. I am glad you picked that one up. Just beautiful. I love your new cut, so sassy and fresh. Hope you are enjoying the last bit of the summer weather.