03 August 2009

A Tin of Buttons

The sewing room has been desperately begging attention. One of those projects that rudely taunt me every time I pass by. I've simply turned my back, pretended not to hear, and continued to use it as the dumping grounds for all homeless items. Funny thing is, it really wasn't that bad once I dove in. And the girls had a grand time helping.

Particularly in sorting contents of Great-Mother's button tin.

There was much selection (and ornamentation ... what is on Jane's head?).

And deliberate organization.

Yep. I think it was the company that helped. Having cleaning partners always makes a task more enjoyable.


  1. Those pics are sweet! I love the buttons on that juicy berry print. Fun!

  2. First, I love buttons.

    Second, I just had a spontaneous sorting extravaganza with our junk drawer and cupboard above it (which has been neglected for at least two years).

    Third, thank you for your kind words on my last blog post. :)

  3. Oh, these sweet photos remind me of the button necklace that Laura and Mary worked so diligently to make for baby sister, Carrie. I'm sure Ma particularly loved how the activity kept them happily occupied!