17 August 2009

My Mama's Birthday

Light reflects on face gazed upon.
Peace found in simple song.
Delight bubbles from contented soul.
Generosity without effort.
Adoration in full.

My own. My mother.


  1. Dear Daughter,

    I remember, with such clarity, the heart feelings of this moment, and so many like it. How can a little life create a love of such depth; how can a little life infuse each day with such pure joy?

    And today, to hear, once again, that that love is treasured and returned, is an immeasurable gift. It brings me to my knees in tears of gratefulness.

    You make my birthday, and all of my days, beautiful, my dear one.

    Love, from your Mama.

  2. sigh.

    Did I ever tell you I love your blog?

    Happy birthday to Grammy-

  3. A beautifully written tribute to a beautiful mother. I'd say both of you are very blessed to have each other.