18 August 2009

Poppin' Up a Whole Lotta' Goodness

Last night was movie night for the Pops and myself. And what does a good World War II drama need? Yep, popcorn. But this time we got a little caa-razy. I'm talkin' crazy-delicious!

Pull out your air-popper and fill 'er up with seeds:

While the kernels are a-poppin', melt your butter ... and don't be stingy!

Pull out that cheapy sea-salt grinder that is already filled with salt, but works like a dream. Set it to a medium/coarse grind:

And the magic? Oh yes, my friends, it's Turbinado (raw) sugar:
Drizzle your butter, grind your salt, and sprinkle your turbinado. Give it all a good toss and grab a stack of napkins for those soon-t0-be greasy mits.

By the way, keep the rewind remote handy. It's so good, you may forget to pay attention to the movie.


  1. I love this post! I don't particularly like popcorn, but your recipe makes me want to make some. Especially with the sugar!!

  2. wow!! how did you come up with that fun recipe?? Sounds fantastic, I love popcorn!!!