04 August 2009

Garifuna Village on the Northern Coast

A man from the Garifuna village we visited, caught our lunch while we snorkeled. His wife cooked it up and we ate like kings. And there was Pepsi. Even Central American tribes have access to Pepsi.

Hungry, tired and happy.

These Garifunas are well accquainted with western culture, but make overt efforts to retain their language, customs, and skills. The people in this village live simply, but well. They have access to schools (by boat), and tourist visits provide a supplementary income. While hospitable, I did not get the sense they really wanted to be photographed, so I withheld.

A view of the shoreline from the boat we motored in on. This village was a vigorous 35 minute boat ride from the mainland city of Tela.

A full belly and relaxing in a hammock. The mosquito bites were complimentary.

A hike through the jungle. Saw howler monkeys and managed to avoid pythons. Thank goodness.

My view as I sat and contemplated the last day of our trip.


  1. Gorgeous photos, Anna!!! What a beautiful, restful place.

  2. amazing photos- I particularly like the last one. And the yummy food one w/ the best beverage ever invented! :)

  3. that last photo is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE! can you believe that you saw that in real life?

  4. It doesn't get much fresher than that! Sounds delicious!