26 August 2009

The Ties that Bind

And he's here. After 40 years of life in Alaska, Great-Grandad James (along with dear Gigi) agreed to move to the northwest. We couldn't be more thrilled. Gigi has been able to visit many, many times, but it was not so easy for Grandad. Though pictures and stories were often shared, the children had never met him in person - a fact that has always troubled me. So, it was my great joy to see all of the hugs exchanged.

Right off the bat, Peter and Grandad hit it off like old pals. After discussions of the Rome-hungry Hannibal and his alp traveling elephants, various battle strategies, and thoughts on the oppression of Muslims during the time of the Crusaders ... I left them to continue and debate on their own. I hardly think they noticed I'd left, they were engaged in such enthusiastic conversation.

To round out the day, Aunt Joanna brought her new kitty, Button, for some sweet, furry lovin' and the children had some prized cuddle time with Grandma R.

Just a quick visit today. Had to bustle back up the freeway in time for dinner, but we're looking forward to the next visit already. Family is such a good, good thing.

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  1. those are great pictures! and I LOVE Jane's cute new haircut- good job, Mom!

    Glad you had a good day!