03 June 2010

And Why on Earth Not?

After simmering for the last 24 hours, this morning it was time to bag up the pot of chicken stock.

After ladling into freezer bags and lining them up on the counter, Jane came up to pat and rub them. "Oh, they are so waaaaarm! I wish I could put them all over me!" So we did.

After placing a towel and the wobbly juices onto her belly, she let out the most contented sigh of bliss. "Ahhhh ... so nice."

While I didn't actually get down there and try the kitchen spa therapy myself, it did look rather relaxing. Perhaps like a warm, (albeit jiggly) lead x-ray bib they put on you at the dentist office. I do always like that part of the visit. (Is it strange that I secretly wish I owned a lead x-ray bib? What a nap that thing could induce!)

So, there you have it. Morning at our house.


  1. Silly Jane. Silly Anna. A lead x-ray bib?! You made me giggle.

  2. I was browsing through your blog and saw this post: my kids ask me all the time to fill up the hot water bottle or warm up a rice bag. Kids love this kind of thing!

    I think I would be a little freaked that the bag of chicken stock would burst, though :)