30 June 2010

Iris at Midday

Aren't new blooms just astounding in their beauty? The precision, the intricacy, the undeniable beauty. I really couldn't name a favorite flower, as I would be overjoyed with a bundle of just about any of them.

That said, I love irises for their complexity and lack of pretension. Plus, they are my Nanie V.'s favorites. Anything that is a favorite of Nana's simply must endear itself to me.

What are some of your favorite blooms?


  1. I'm also a big fan of irises. Other favorites are clematis, lavendar, and lady's mantle.

  2. Beautiful photo. I love irises, and most things purple. I was quite in awe of my husband's bright reddish orange poppies this bright! My very favorite flower for its scent, though, is the lilac....though it is technically a bush.

  3. I love that with irises, one must apply carpe diem in the enjoyment of them. Exquisite today, but a memory tomorrow.

  4. Fabulous flower, great picture! I'm loving the gladiolas in our backyard right now.