09 June 2010

The Development of a Seamstress

Now that summer break is here, the sewing lessons have commenced and the birthday machine is humming right along. First on the docket? Threading the machine, learning basic vocabulary (bobbin, presser foot, stitch length, seams, etc.), sewing straight and zig-zag lines, and executing the reverse stitch. Lucette is doing so well!

As Lucette worked, Jane helped me turn four pairs of ripped-knee school pants into summer shorts. She was quite helpful in placing the removed pins into the "tomato" (don't we all have one of those pin cushions?), and particularly liked wearing the severed pant-legs as arm warmers.

I'm so glad the sewing enthusiasm seems to be present in my girls. I have many fond memories of sewing lessons at my grandmother's house and how we would giggle when I would forget the "right sides together" mantra and stitch my skirt on backwards. She always had a way of making the mistakes no-big-deal. "We'll just rip it out and start again!"

Yep. That's next on the agenda: an introduction to the seam-ripper. A very necessary tool, indeed.


  1. It truly is special to be able to pass on knowledge to little ones. Sewing is a fun and valuable skill (and yes, I too have one of those tomato pin cushions). Go Lucette!

  2. Can you believe I don't have a tomato pin cushion?! In fact, I don't have a pin cushion at all. I must remedy this!

    Your sewing afternoon is exactly the kind of afternoon that I dream of having someday with little miss.

    I really must know, what kind of machine is it and where did you find it?

  3. No tomato cushion? A true sewing travesty, Christian! Although, I will say, I think the big magnetic disks (found at sewing stores) are far more practical. Lucette received one for her b-day and I'm quite jealous!

    As to the child's sewing machine, I really lucked out here. A gal from church had a brand new (in the box!) machine she bought for her daughter a number of years ago and she never used it. I was happy to take it off her hands and wrap it up as a birthday gift for Lucette. (Hard to beat free and brand new!)

    It's a Kenmore and a delicious creamy blue color. I have no idea if they make this exact model any more, but I I would think whatever is on the market now would be just fine. Maybe even check craigslist!

  4. How fun! Can't wait to teach my little elle's.

  5. How fun! I love the little blue machine. We're working on the basics over here, too. It's so wonderful to see her excitement!