16 June 2010

A Good Rinse for the Berries

Yesterday, the tots and myself spent the morning at the strawberry fields. While the fickle sun has yet to bring in a full crop, we were able to gather enough berries for a few batches of jam. The kids were such a help this year. In fact, Jane was a berry-pickin' fool! She actually picked almost as much as I did. The older kids were flabbergasted and Jane beamed with knowing pride.

And while we've long learned to wear our rubber boots to the oft muddy strawberry rows (don't forget the plastic garbage bag to put them in once you are done!), I had a rare moment of fresh brilliance. Almost as an afterthought, I grabbed a pair of disposable latex gloves from the garage before we headed out to the fields. I always hate how sticky, dirty, gritty my hands get whilst rummaging for berries ... plus ... I'd just painted my nails.

Worked fantastically! Have you done this before? I drove home with happy, berry filled children, three flats full of the juicy jewels, and admired my clean, tidy hands. My pride lingered all the way home ... until the rinsing began and the jamming commenced. Hmm. Definitely haven't figured out how to do this part tidy yet. Oh well, off I go. I think I might go touch up my nails ...


  1. The lady at our favorite Strawberry place in Albany told me to soak the berries in a bowl of water rather then rinsing under the faucet! The water can actually push the dirt into the pores of the berry. Crazy huh? When your done soaking them, there is always tons and tons of dirt in the bottom of the bowl, even when you buy them from the store! Yuk!

  2. How fun! We live in a large city and struggle with trying to find a farm or u-pick. Enjoy!

  3. Three flats!!! Picking and jamming berries... such satisfying activities -- one has fun and feels productive and deliciously domestic all at the same time. Pass the jam please!