07 June 2010

To See Us in Our Natural Habitat

This past Saturday, we had a surprising patch of glory weather to break up our days of cloud and drizzle. So nice. We decided to head out to the nature park to explore the trails and appreciate some of the sun before it disappears again.

My girls have decided that scarves are very fashionable and barely set a foot out of doors without being adorned by one. Between a sundress, scarf, and a birthday party face-painting, my little buttercup picker felt very glamorous.

However, we did not maintain the image of refinement for long. As soon as the mind-bender word puzzles and math riddles started (yes, we are one of those families), our inner geek unearthed and happily flourished.

It wasn't long until there was a sighting of the woodland Methuselah. You know you are having a good time when ecology meets bible humor.

Then the children turned on their charm full force. Ah, how a mother's heart beams with pride ...

And us girls posed for a picture in an utterly enchanted walkway in our own utterly enchanting way. (Getting repeatedly rammed in the bottom by the head of a four-year old poses it's own difficulties. Why do they do that?)

Yup. I think that about sums up our Saturday. Aren't we just special?


  1. It's not wonder that I'm crazy about all of you... my family would fit right in!

  2. I am CRACKING up of that picture of little bottom-bumper behind you!!!! LOVE it!

  3. LOVE the hat. Love the glasses. Love the necklace.You are too cute..and LOVE the little bum-bumper. Mine do that, too. Lovely. I agree.

    And my children love the beard.

  4. Nice beard Pops. Looks like you just got up from a sweet layout at Duniway.