23 June 2010

Little Bits of Joy

Now if this isn't the most divine dessert, I don't know what is. Chocolate yogurt from my favorite store topped with fresh blueberries. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

And don't you love this dishtowel? The embodiment of simplistic luxuries. I picked it (and nine others!) up on my recent IKEA run, as our dishtowel situation was in a rather sorry state. Oh, and the best part? The towels were 49 cents each. 49 cents! Wouldn't they make adorable gift wrapping for some summer jam or homemade bread as a hostess gift?


  1. 49 cents???!!! Yes, I'm pretty much totally convinced I need to break away and drive until I find an IKEA.

    Lovely photo.

  2. I have those very dishtowels and they are perfect! The more you wash them the better they get.

  3. Baby Sister has a sundress that looks as though it's been made from that very dish towel. The dress is very cute!

    I love summer blueberries.