06 July 2009

The Path of Confirmation

Two email confirmations this morning. This is what we asked for at our prayer meeting last night. The path continues to lead us forward.

Greetings from Home. Our first groups canceled against our council. The group was ready to come but the leadership of the church said no. We do have a group that is arriving tomorrow and feel that there are no problems with them coming.

I got back on Saturday and will return to Honduras on Thursday. There was nothing going on to cause any fear in the areas we are going to be in. We sent to Siguatepeque last Thursday and there was no evidence that anything was going on. The only problem was the road construction which is always going on.

I talked with Mike, he is in Honduras, three times yesterday and he says that nothing has changed. Everything is working, stores and buses are running, the airport in San Pedro Sula is open, and the road construction continues. There are some problems in Tegucigalpa around the airport. Otherwise the word we received is everything is functioning as normal.

We can see no reason for you to cancel the trip. If we felt there was any danger we would not have you come. We are long ways for the capital.

I am around if you want to talk. If any of the team members have any questions, please have them contact me. I am praying for the group. God has brought you a long ways to now have it canceled.
In His Love,
Since we are NOT currently in Honduras to report directly, all I can really say is we are getting on a plane tomorrow and going to Honduras. We will let you know if anything should arise that you should know about. We anticipate nothing.

We have no concerns and, frankly, we are very excited to go back. We can't wait to see and visit with old friends and work on the Lord's Kingdom expansion. And, we are anxious to introduce y'all to Honduras and it's people.

See you Friday!
Eric and Gloria

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