02 July 2009

Honduras Update

Here is the latest update from our missions director:

Greetings from San Pedro Sula.

Everything is calm here. We can move about the city without any problem. There is a curfew but that is no big deal. They have had demonstrations in favor of the exiled president every day. They have burned a lot of tires and screamed a lot. Besides that there have not been any problems. Tuesday those in favor of the new government and president had their demonstrations. There were kept apart and nothing more happened. Today will be large demonstrations in favor of the new government

We left the city yesterday to visit a national missionary in the countryside. There was only one place where there were soldiers. That is common all the time. We drove through Siguatepeque and everything was normal.

Our group has put off their project until Saturday. They will only be here for five days. I think the group really wanted to come but the church leadership made them put it off. We were convinced that there was no problem with them coming.

Our staff has a group in La Esperanza (30 miles outside fo Siguatpeque). The team is doing fine. They are on their free day today and will leave tomorrow.
We still do not know what the exiled president is going to do. He says he is going to return but we have no idea. From the papers this morning, I would be surprised if he ever returns. Several countries have already recognized the new government.

According to the papers everything is back to normal. All the transportation is running. All the roads are open. I cannot see where anything has changed.

Pray that our team will get here on Saturday. Please pray that the situation is resolved and we can get back to serving the poor. They are the ones that affect the most when things like this happen.

Hondurans do not have a history of being a violent people and this is evidence that nothing has changed.

I do not see any problems with travel in Honduras.

In His Love,

Sure is a different perspective than the western media, isn't it? Still praying for His direction. No plans are final 'til we step on that plane ... and really, are our plans ever 'final' in light of His?

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