04 July 2009

A Good Morning

Spent the morning at a beautiful memorial service for the life of little Leah Grace. A little life that amazed the medical community at her 99 days and blessed everyone who was privileged to know and love her. Truly, there is joy in the suffering.

At the reception, I was able to share and chat with respected, longtime friends. They asked about the upcoming trip and were aware of the current political conditions. Naturally, no one claimed to have a revelation from the Lord, but did have wise words to share. I found their perspective immensely encouraging.

They have committed to praying with us that the Lord would slam the doors of opportunity shut if we are not to go and to give a clear sense of direction and peace either way. Amen to that!

When I returned home, I found an email from Ambrocio in my inbox. Again, encouraging. Compliments of Google Translator, here is his roughly translated text:

No classes and much silence and manipulation by the media, but everything is normal and we're eager to see them and spending time with you. and do many things.

I hope the situation will be resolved soon, or maybe time will allow the spirits to become normal.

We're just my good man died Monday night after the coup, the buried Tuesday, but that is not Pienc war, no way was a stroke that hit him and God has strengthened us all.

I encourage you today to see my mail, but we are praying for good and all.

love in Jesus Christ.

We remain willing to cancel our trip, but continue to receive messages of "go." Here's to praying, waiting, and listening ...


  1. I saw all the cars at the church and thought of you guys.

    Glad to hear the continued encouragement about the trip.

  2. I've found that many times God's confirmation comes in gentle echoes. Still praying that you'll have wisdom and guidance.