15 July 2009

Good Day

Whew. He had me worried for awhile. Maybe it was just being sequestered in the itty hotel room with him all day, but you never want to see your kids ill. Especially in a foreign country. Thank you, thank you for praying. After much pedialyte, sleep, Honduran chicken broth and rice, and prayer, Peter is almost back to normal. We praise God and will keep his pace slower this week.

Work is steady in the village. Poured concrete roof crossbeams yesterday and continued on foundation for parsonage. Today we had about 80 children show up to VBS. Some are so poor they have no shoes and very little food. But today they were loved, they smiled, and they heard how much Jesus loves them.

Thoughts in brief:

-Honduran chicken stew is delicious and verrrrry calliente. They put all sorts of veggies in it including yucca, and plantains! Seemed very odd to see bananas floating in soup, but they actually tasted like squash. Really good!
-I have never drank so much water in my life. The days revolve around it.
-The Hermanos (Honduran ¨brothers¨) work so hard. They do bone aching work all day long.
-Pops is amazing. His stamina, attitude, and hard work make me proud.
-Honduran stairs are very variable. They range in height of 1.5 inches to about 7 inches and will change within a single staircase. This is cause for much toe stubbing and occasional tripping that leads to large bruises on shins.
-So grateful for my friends and family that are supporting us in prayer and excitement.


  1. So good to hear a positive update. I'm glad Peter is feeling better... I had heat exhaustion/dehydation once and it is awful. I continue to pray.

  2. Praying, praying...loving you all from afar. Thankful Peter is on the mend...glad Pops is there with you. We continue to pray, God is working, always, working...much love, gini and all

  3. oooh, thank you for updating! We've been thinking and praying for you often! Love all the tidbits and details about life down there.

    I'm SO glad he's feeling better as well. What a relief/blessing.

    Miss you!

  4. Precious friends, this reminds me of our long-ago trips to Mexico! I can see "Pops" working in the hot sun and you loving on the little ones. Your faithful service blesses my heart. I remember praying often that all of you would grow in your love for our Lord and fly right by me in maturity and wisdom. It seems you have both done exactly that. Blessings on you and yours ~

  5. Anna!! You make me cry! Not only are you blessing the lovely people of Honduras, but you are being blessed!! How amazing to see your husband work so hard and be so proud and now Peter feeling better and getting to be an active part!! I am so proud of you and your family... May the Lord grant you more energy and strength than you can fathom and may your hearts overflow with love and happiness!!