13 July 2009

The Joy of the Lord

Another very full, but good day. We rise at 6:15am and I think I´ll be able to hit the pillow tonight at 10:30pm. Lots of digging, cleaning, cooking, sharing, smiling, and attempts at Espanol. Thank goodness the villagers are patient and gracious.

Thoughts in brief:

-Healthy tummies are a good thing in a foreign country. We are doing well so far.
-Peter is diving into this experience in a grand fashion and making friends quickly. It is our delight to watch.
-Pops is a pick-axe tossin´champ.
-Families of taranulas live under bricks. Eeeek!
-Newborn infant bath in plastic tub on tree stump with 3 generations attending. Beautiful.
-Pastor Elmer reminds us of our joy. Our joy is complete in Jesus.
-Hondurans love to sing praise songs and clap...a lot!
-Foundation for parsonage in full progress. A joyful family of 5 will live in this 10x10 foot home.
-Little Honduran girls named Ruth make me smile.


-Continued health as well as good sleep.
-Safety in travel.
-Spiritual protection. We sense the need.
-Patience and effective communication.
-Relationship development with the nationals.
-God´s continued hand at work.
-Missing our sweet girls.

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