16 July 2009


First let me say, Pops is fine. However, he´s come down with a bacteria bug and was up all night with trouble from north to south. It was pretty bad and could barely get out of bed. We´ve now pumped him full of two liters of pedialyte and he´s taking some antibiotics. He is joking and smiling now, but he will stay in bed today and not go the village. This is a disappointment, as it is the last day on site in the village. I hope he can go to the final church service tonight. Pray for quick and full recovery. Also, I ate the same foods as he did yesterday, so pray I (and Peter) stay healthy as well.

There is a battle going on here. It is palpable. But God is showing His hand as well.

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  1. I am praying for you and hope Ryan is feeling better fast!! Thanks for the update, I hope he feels better soon!! I am glad you have antibiotics!!