27 July 2009

To Market

One of the mornings, I was able to tag along for the marketing. We went first to a local open-air market that was incredibly fascinating. The colors, the culture, the locals haggling, children dashing about, and even the occasional creepy drunk guy who makes you glad your Spanish isn't very good. As long as you've got a man in your group, it's really a lot of fun.

After, we headed to a super-mercado, looking very similar to western grocery stores. Two main differences? Product is truly packed to overflowing on shelves, apparently operating under the "more is more" theory, and the generous security guards who help you un-stick shopping baskets have loaded pistols shoved in the front of their waistbands. "Oh dear, uh ... (nervous giggle) muchas gracias, Senor."

Before we headed back to the worksite, we stopped off at a home in the village for some local tortillas. Slap a painted sign on your house and your tortilla business has begun! Fresh tortillas with locally made frijoles (beans) are muy delicioso!


  1. Beautiful colors and textures, and those tortillas at the end look divine!

  2. love, love all the pics (I know I keep typing the same thing, but it's so true!). Those tortillas at the end- and the sign on the house (the very colorful house) was so neat to see! SO interesting and so very different than here!