26 July 2009

Pie is a Good Distraction

I guiltily admit, the house is still in tatters. The laundry is now clean but rumpled in a heap. Bags and bags of ziplocs waiting to be divested of odd toiletries and bibelots. And far too many precariously stacked piles of who knows what scattered about. I've just been having too much fun bumping around with the fam and pouring over pictures (Still more to come!). Now that I think about it, I don't really feel guilty at all.

As tangible evidence of my delinquent behavior, I set about the town with the girls today. We attacked the farmer's market and made off with a basket of berries, some fresh corn, and a little bit of rhubarb (oatmeal-rhubarb muffins for breakfast, perhaps?). The sun was aggressive, but we were suitably distracted by the produce and an accordion playing shop-keeper with a penchant for singing mildly inappropriate songs. His tunes did lend to toe-tapping, and somehow accordions convince you that it is all just folksy, anyways.

For dinner we are having grilled veggies with beans and tortillas, corn on the cob, and blackberry pie. I think it will all look quite splendid with the placemats and napkins we brought back from Honduras. I like summertime distractions.

Sweet Nest Berry Pie

• 1 pie crust, baked and cooled
(I've taken a page from my clever mama and make two, freezing one. The next time you get a hankerin' for pie, it's done in a snap!)
• 1 qt. berries (blackberries & strawberries are favorites, but very ripe peaches are yummy too!)

Cream Cheese Filling:
Whip together and spread on bottom of pie crust:
• 4 oz. cream cheese
• .5 c. powdered sugar

Berry Filling:
• 4 heaping Tbl. Corn Starch
• 1 c. sugar
• 1 c. water
• pinch salt

Cook cornstarch mixture 'til thick and simmer 1 min. Mash in .25 cup berries for color. Gently fold in berries. Spread on top of cream cheese mixture and refrigerate.

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  1. You have two lucky girls. I wish you would up at my house with new linens, take me to the farmer's market, and then make me a delicious summer dinner topped off with berry pie! Yes, two lucky girls, indeed.