29 July 2009

My Fearless Archeologist

The ruins of Copan were all that we had hoped for. Watching Peter was the best part. It was like introducing a voracious pianist to Mozart or a soccer prodigy to Beckham. How fascinating to see the unique qualities of a child develop and unfold before one's self.

Perched atop a Mayan temple and surveying the scene.

The chronology and history within an ancient stellae.

Climbing temples.

Peter grabs the camera and snaps a shot of mom.

Juan. Grew up with National Geographic archeologists living in his home and was so enthusiastic to share his knowledge and experiences with an eager student.

A moment in the shade. A very hot day.

Cities within cities. Juan takes us in the underground tunnels that reveal different eras of Mayan civilization.

Contented tourists.


  1. I love moments when I see glimpses of my childrens' gifts and talents, passions and interests. I often pray that God will give me perception to see His gifts in my children so that I might help cultivate and guide them in using their talents for His glory.

    You, my dear, are as cute as you can be!

  2. WOW. those are amazing! And he's SO into it. That was so cool, that you were able to experience that part of Honduras as well.