13 July 2009


Peter is doing better. Possible it was just heat exhaustion. Slowly getting the fluids down and he´s eating some crackers now. Definitely perking up more. Still just "worn out" as he says.

Still keeping a close eye on him. I´m trying to find things to do to stay busy in a small Honduran hotel. Washing laundry in the sink, hanging it to dry on the roof, organizing drawers, kicking the hotel staff off the computers to do email, reading, remaking the beds...that sort of thing.

Pray for Pops and team too. It will be an unusually long day in the village of very hard work. This is unexpected. Something about concrete and cross beams. I´m concerned about them all being out in the sun with no extra food and working so hard.

Still, we´re doing fine--just appreciating the prayers!!


  1. Lucette and Jane are little prayer warriors for their brother, whom they love so very much. And you, too, Mommy and Daddy.

    We know you are praying for us, as well. We are having lovely days. Today, Lucette found a Blue Jay feather, which we turned into a quill. With green, lavender, and red inks, Jane made a rose garden, while Lucette drew feathers of her own creation.

    We love you. Take care.

  2. wow, i missed it! you're there! saying a little prayer for you all right now....

  3. Anna, you all are in my prayers. I ask the Lord for your family to have endurance, safety and health so you can go about His work.