01 July 2009

Discovering the Trocadéro

A few weeks ago I sold my first item from my little Etsy shop. I was most surprised and delighted, as I'd quite forgotten about the shop and instantly became re-inspired to sew for it again (at least after the trip!).

In celebration, I decided to do something extravagant ... buy ridiculously priced French caramels from Galipette. It's like they were free. Right? With my earnings and all...

The treasure package finally arrived, all chic in it's simplicity.

And inside? The Trocadéro caramels. The enclosed description bearing words like: Normany cream, Brittany butter, and flakes of fleur del sel (why, hand-collected petal-like crystals of Guerande sea-salt, of course!).

Oh, mercy. The sweet, the salty, the creamy ... and then I realized ...

... that heaven just might indeed be made entirely out of French caramels ...


  1. I've never had a French caramel and to be honest I don't carry a bit of weakness for any kind of caramel, but you, my dear, have both intrigued me and tempted me!

    Congrats on your sale!

  2. I love that you are treating yourself with a true treat! I have never enjoyed such a thing as French caramels, but now you have me thinking about it ... they look très délicieux!

  3. a! you didn't tell me! that is SO cool! congratulations!!!!

  4. oh, fun! congrats on the sale and on the self treat! those look DREAMY.