21 July 2009


Greetings from Tela! Borrowing Pierre´s personal computer, so I´ll be brief tonight!

So...Tela. I´m not sure how we managed to get here, but we did! 4:00am wake up, tuk-tuk ride to bus station, long ride to San Pedro Sula. Two hour wait for next bus, and found route to be cancelled. By some miracle, a bus headed to La Ceiba said we could board and they´d drop us off in Tela! And where did they drop us off? Telamar, the resort that we stayed at a few days ago with the team. We knew exactly where we were!

Perused the town but it was hot, hot, hot! I opted for a swing in the hammock at the hotel with my book and the boys headed to the beach. They had some run-in´s with security, but it´s amazing how a big goofy smile will convince them you are harmless and perhaps a little addled. We´ve gotten through many issues of confusion that way!

Tonight at dinner we began really discussing and processing our experiences. Particularly those of working in the village with the nationals. The experience is so big, it´s hard to fully comprehend, as of yet. I have no idea how to express it in words at this time. But this I do know, God is mighty and at work and we witnessed it first hand. I pray those of you who supported us in all the myriad ways will be blessed as well. Thank you. It has been life changing for us and I can only imagine what he is planning to continue in our lives and those of the nationals we grew to love.

Tomorrow, a Garifuna tour and packing for our return trip home Wednesday am. Oh, girls ... we´re coming home soon!

Goodbye for now, dear friends. Most likely the last post ´til we return. Love to all.


  1. Have a safe rest of your trip, I can't wait to see your pictures and hear all your amazing stories!! I am sure your girls can't wait to see you!!! I'll pray for you, until I hear from you, until you are safe in your house with your girls!!