02 May 2009

Buenos Dias, Amigos!

I was most excited to receive news and photos of our Honduran friends. Somehow, pictures give root to the imagination.

Above, you'll find Ambrocio and his wife, Norma. Ambrocio is a national Honduran missions leader and we've been communicating via email since last October. I already sensed, from our letters, a gentle and sweet spirit in both of them. This photo seems to confirm it for me. Aren't they beautiful?

The structure they are leaning against is to be the church (and possible location for some dental vocational training) we are to put a roof on. I think perhaps some of the classes we will be offering to the village children will also be nearby.

This is a photo of Ambrocio and some of the village children in the background. I am told over and over again, what joyful lives the Honduran nationals lead despite the trials they face.

I'm certain they have much to teach our family. I can't wait.


  1. May God bless you are you reach out and do what you can.

    You are right - photos help to bring them close.

  2. beautiful people and scenery as well. Seeing those pictures makes me so excited for you and for your adventure!

  3. Our church sends a team to Honduras every summer to serve at Orphanage Emmanuel. When our boys are a bit older we hope to go as a family. I can't wait to read about how God uses your family this summer.

  4. They are lovely... I am ready to be a stowaway. God is good! We are praying...with love, gini