01 May 2009

Like a Glove

The suspense continues to mount and I wanted to peek in on my birdies. With the hotel seemingly unoccupied for the moment, I figured I better make haste. No one wants to return home to an unexpected guest nosing about the room. After gathering the unwieldy ladder and smacking my knee on a door frame (golly, that smarts), I thought it best to don some gloves. I recalled some warning of leaving scent, as I believe we don't smell very assuring.

I walked to the closet and pulled out a pair of gloves. Grandma's gloves. Last week, on the day she passed, my dad was rummaging around the garage. Out of all the things to grab, he was drawn to these gloves and handed them to me. "Here," he offered. "These don't need to stay in the garage." I thought it rather odd, to be honest. Why the old gloves? But I took them, packed them home, and didn't think of them again until today.

When I pulled the gloves on, in preparation for my birdie snooping, I lifted them to my nose. Smell. How clever God is. In an instant, I experienced my Grandmother in one of those inexplicable ways. The smell was familiar and comforting. Something like cold cream and hugs.

No eggs yet. But they've been busy. And if they detect some scent, I'm sure they'll understand that it was only Grandma. And Grandma always makes you feel assured.


  1. Beautifully written, Anna. Truly it is. Aren't scents amazing in how a single waft can take one to a different time and place? Certainly those gloves are one of God's precious graces to you.

    As for the birds... you do realize that now you will have to update us periodically! There nest is quite cozy, and I love their taste for lively green.

  2. Sweet, It is amazing how scents can linger so long. While dear hubby was in Iraq, he left me a tee shirt. I pulled it out often for comfort. I pulled it out about a week before he arrived home, and there was still the faint scent of him. It really gave me cofort, I thank the Lord for his amazing wonders.

  3. Beautifully written. Isn't God good! I've experienced those moments ...

  4. Just to let you know, scent isn't much of an issue with birds. Some just won't return with any interference and others will deal with whatever happens. Last summer two baby hummingbirds fell from a nest and I reconstructed a nest with an empty cool whip tub and some grass and the mother fed those babies for a week. I was able to watch up close without frightening them away. I felt like a surogate mother. And by the way, I frequently go into Charissa's closet just to 'smell' her. Smells are quite a connection.

  5. I feel like I just read a lovely published piece. Cold cream and hugs- love that.

  6. It's been several years since I lost the physical presence of my beloved grandma, but I can recall her scent at a moment. Mmmm. You've stirred up something within me as I still grieve her absence and rejoice as I continue to discover who she was.
    Thank you, Anna.