10 May 2009

Birthday Bliss

All blue-skies and sunshine, it was a glorious day for a celebration. Family and friends gathered to our home to smile and hug in honor of Lucette's sixth birthday. We happily ate the cake she requested (Raspberry Almond Torte, thank you very much.) and watched her eyes sparkle over loving gifts given.

The sun kept beamin' and invited us to stay and play. And so we did! The ladies sipped punch and chatted contently, the girls did some housekeeping in the playhouse, and the boys/men worked on completing our own rocket launcher and turning the Lemon Torpedo into a death missile. (There was lots of discussion about psi and alternate pressure gauges. They eventually succeeded in rocketing L.T. far above the roof tops ... until it veered south and ended up on the neighbor's roof.)

After the last thank-you hugs were given and the last wave at the window waved, Pops and I looked at each other. "What a perfect day," he said. And it was.

Happy Birthday, Honey. We all love you.

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  1. I'm so glad it was a good day. Beautiful cake- wow. What a grown-up choice for a 6 year old!