22 May 2009

Happy Flowers

The adopted geraniums from our trip to the nursery are doing nicely. 

For awhile, I was prejudiced towards these bold beauties. I thought they were fuddy-duddy. Particularly the red ones. Funny, now I like them so very much.

My Nana used to have them planted in her driveway planters at the old farm house. As a child, I always thought they were quite attractive, but I could never decide if that earthy, pop of a scent was good or not. (I've now decided, by the way. It's good.)

These pots had been languishing on the side of the house for a couple of years. This is a case of neglect that turned out awfully well! I love the weathered look.

And I am very pleased with the cheery spot of color the whole ensemble provides out on my patio. Geraniums, I think I love you!


  1. I love them... they're boldly happy and natural. Love the weathered pots too!

    I've got thoughts about your red... I'll email you tomorrow, must get to bed straight-away. Good night.

  2. Those are so beautiful! I love the pot too.

  3. Interesting how your thoughts have paralleled mine. Do I actually like the smell? I'm still not sure I do. Yes, they remind me of older days and older people. Yes, I seem to keep falling in love with that bright red fount of petals.

    Almost bought some yesterday - I still might have to go back and get some.

  4. I love your happy flowers. I especially love the scents of rose and lemon geraniums.

  5. Geraniums make me think of European doorsteps...for some reason. So, to me they are both homey and exotic.
    I'm so happy to find your blog (through your comment on mine)!

  6. love how the pots turned out, and I am eager to see the flowers w/ the seat cushions!

  7. They are so pretty! Great pics!