08 May 2009

The Lemon Torpedo

The launcher:
The excited son discussing flight patterns:

Patches of sun, mostly rain, but all systems remained a "go." The young physics students had been studying theorems and plotting designs for weeks. The Lemon Torpedo had a zesty attitude and raced impressively to the heavens before performing rather comic loop-de-loops on its descent. My rocket commander deemed the mission a success.


  1. And how my six-year-old would've have loved to have been there! You may have a future rocket scientist on your hands.

  2. That's awesome!! I love the look of excitement on his face and I am so glad that he had a successful launch!

  3. so cool! was that at HIGH Day? I bet he loved that!

  4. Oh my goodness. My boys would love to see this post! They are now 30 and 40 and they would still love to see this post!