07 May 2009

Pulling it all Together

Got 'em! Although only three of us are traveling internationally this summer, we decided to renew and apply for passports all around. Now our whole family of five is primed for all sorts of future adventures!

The list of preparations for our trip is impressive, but we are knockin' them out one by one:
• Passports
• Vaccinations: Tetanus, Hep. A, Hep. B (1st round), Typhoid
• Malaria pills Rx
• Time off of work for Pops
• Care in place for the girls
• Funding for Peter
• Pair of work shoes and sandals for each

Here's what still needs to be accomplished/provided for:
• Travel backpacks (we want to pack light--no suitcases!)
• Hats & work gloves for each
• Document/$ neck carriers

• Completed funding for Pops and myself
• Finalized travel dates and airline tickets purchased (we're staying longer than the rest of the group)
• Finalized plans and accommodations for our extended stay
• Dental supplies/portable dental chair to bring as gifts
• Appropriate gift for host family

• Written testimony
• Pocket sp/eng dictionary or electronic translator(!)

This process of preparation is involved but joyful. We are so excited to go, each little thing we accomplish is a small victory. In addition, we have already seen God's hand over this trip. It is sheer pleasure to see how He oversees all, from the big plans down to the small details.


  1. love the picture, and I'm so excited and eager for you to go, I can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all about it! God is going to make a difference in your lives and use you for his purposes there!

  2. I am so excited for you! What a blessing for all. I love your Honduras button for all the posts.