19 May 2009

At Home with Me

I am finding great delight in the objects that have come from Great Mother's home to live at mine. Here is a first glimpse:

- Little woodland deer. -
I love that she painted these herself and the memories they evoke of all her backyard escapades with these sweet, but naughty creatures.

- Mid-Century Modern circular coffee table from Lane. Circa 196o's. -
Fabulous low-profile Danish style. Oh, how I'd love to stumble upon one of the coordinating end tables one of these days.


  1. love the pictures. where did you put the table??

  2. I'm ditching the cheapy table in the front room for this one. I love that it is round...breaks up all the rectangular pieces I seem to have collected!

  3. I loved inheriting some special pieces from my grandmother... there is something comforting in having them around as reminders.

    I dig the Danish mod table... you knew I would. And, as a comment to your comment above, a while back the professor (our resident decorator, he's much more opinionated about furnishings than I am) declared the we have "too many rectangles in the living room!" Ahem, we have been and are in the market for an oval, Danish modern coffee table. A surf board table would be just right, thankyouverymuch!

  4. Beautiful Anna-
    I love all the treasures that I aquired from my grandmother. The memories are so lovely and bring such joy to my heart.
    BTW I love your hobnob vase. Stunning.
    Have a wonderful evening.