07 May 2009

Newton's Law

"I've found a lizzzzzard!" was the cry this afternoon. Peter found this charming fellow mucking about in his excavation pit. While all the children were intrigued, only the fearless Lucette dared the capture. Peter was a good 5 feet away, though watching intently.

Lucette prepared a lovely bucket home for Newton, the Newt, complete with a twigged lookout post so he could continue to watch life pass by. She clearly charmed him and he showed his favor by drowsily climbing about her arm. Jane petted in quick bursts. Peter focused on readying his bottle rocket for tomorrow's launch. Physics are the only form of Newton he's attracted to.


  1. i LOVE the fearless lucette! (ellie used to have that same sweater. i still love it. it is such a HAPPY sweater)

  2. heeeyyy! we had a Newton the Newt a few weeks ago! Small world!

    fabulous pics!

  3. Oh, whoa, I'm not sure I could have touched that thing. But it's cool.

    My Honeybear today picked up a dead mouse by the tail that the cat had left on the porch, but when I showed her a really long worm, she screeched "Ew!" every time she touched it. Compulsively. I couldn't stop laughing.