16 May 2009

The Party

Her birthday party of preference was a "Grown-Up Ladies Tea." The girls gathered, they sipped, nibbled and giggled. They made grand efforts to remember they were refined ladies of status and only occasionally slipped in reminders of their youthful reality.

The girls drank punch and strung bejeweled bracelets. Each lady was quite enthusiastic to learn the etiquette of teatime and very politely asked for sugar cubes and milk to be added to their Vanilla Strawberry Rose tea.

After dabbing mouths daintily, we cleared the table for a few rounds of tea bingo. Naturally, we used party mints as our place holders. Naturally, we had to eat a mint after each declaration of "Bingo!"

After we finished our indoor activities, we took advantage of the weather which was graciously divine in temperament. The girls scampered about in the backyard as if they had all been friends forever. Smiles and sparkling eyes abounded. (And by the way ... the tea set we used was Great Mother's.)


  1. oh, those pictures- she is the cutest thing ever. I love the last one (taken from above) of you and all the little ladies. SO cute!

  2. That's just lovely! What a sweet thing to do for a party! The punch and cupcakes look just lovely too!
    I was looking at all your previous posts yesterday - you have some beautiful pictures! Have a lovely day and God bless, Amelia

  3. Oh, I am speechless!!! That is wonderful and I love that they used your wonderful tea set!! The pictures are priceless!!

  4. What great memories you're helping those girls make. And I love that you let them use the real fine china. It's so important to show young people that they are special and trustworthy. Great job!

  5. What a beautiful birthday celebration! I especially love how you are already making special memories with the silver tea service. For Lucette, I'm sure it was an unforgettable day... six is such sweet age!

  6. And that right there is precisely why I hope to have at least one little girl. Beautiful party!
    xoxo Caroline

  7. WOW! What a precious party! Great pictures!