15 April 2009

Silver Service

I was able to visit my grandmother on Easter Sunday. We couldn't stay for long. It is very tiring to have visitors. Not long after we arrived, she brought me upstairs -- she had something for me. On the coffee table sat her silver tea service. A wedding gift from Great-Aunt Jewel, including pot, creamer, sugar, tea tray, and a large serving tray. They were to be mine.

As a little girl, I used to drink tea with my grandma. She showed me how to hold the lid of the pot secure and tip, ever so carefully. The milk from the creamer would cloud my cup of black Twinings with gloriously thick plumes. The sugar spoon was passed with a knowing smile. We'd discuss life and she'd tell stories. I particularly liked tales of her early years and could never get over the fact she once worked for two men, Mr. Body and Mr. Finger. "It's true!" she would giggle. "That really was their names!"

Now grown, sitting on the sofa together, I asked her what she liked to use this service for. Writing on the back of an opened envelope (ever the thrifty lady, she is), she wrote, "Socials. It's nice to be busy." (The tray, she continued, was good for cakes, sandwiches ... and with a wave of her hand ... any variety, really.) She has spent a lifetime hosting and serving others and busy, she has always been.

This set is a treasure by any standard. Given from her hands to mine, the past meeting present with the hope of the future -- this is the real treasure. And she mine.


  1. I love things that have a heart attached. When passed from one generation to the next, they mean so much more. History. Love.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'm going to add yours to my sidebar so I remember to "come on over" when I get the chance. Fox was so long ago, yet it seems just like yesterday. Funny how time races on, yet goes so slowly. Good to "see" you again. =^)

  2. What a special gift! And I don't just mean the tea service, but the relationship you have with your grandmother. I have never really known my grandparents so I love stories like this.

    And now you can create new memories with that set!

  3. This is lovely. What a treasure, made so by the relationship and the uses for this tea set.

  4. Oh no... you've made me cry!! How wonderful and what a gift of memories and now a tangible gift to treasure and someday share with your grandchildren! Wow! Thanks for sharing such an incredible moment!

  5. Oh, it's exquisite... just like the special relationship that you share with your grandmother. What a blessing to know and love, and to be loved, by such a precious person.

    And, think of the lives that you can touch (and the hearts that will feel special) when you use the silver service. Think of the memories you'll make, and the lessons you'll learn which you will pass along, with love, to daughters and grandaughters.

  6. that is so beautiful! I've always wished I had a grandmother to have tea parties with.

  7. Thanks for this beautiful post. I lost my grandmother last July 4th and I treasure all the many things I now have in every room of the house that remind me of her--things I've associated with her since I was a child.

  8. What a meaningful gift filled with such wonderful memories. I never had a grandmother, but I did have a wonderful mother. I am glad you too treasure meaningful moments.