08 April 2009


Pops will be happy. The beautiful garden box he built last summer will finally be put to good use. The children and I set to the seedlings yesterday.

Peter worked industriously at the pot making. We love this nifty device. Recycle newspaper to make little seedling homes and when time to transplant to the garden, just plop the whole thing in the ground.

The girls at work filling the pots. (I particularly like Jane's mismatched boots.)

I have a very laid-back approach to veggie gardens. Peas, pole beans, herbs, tomatoes, and squash typically do well and anything else that survives is bonus. We never really know what we are doing, so we feel successful with any amount of harvest!


  1. I LOVE the pot making! I look forward to watching your garden grow -

    I would love to have you for tea anytime. I have a feeling however, we may be in different time zones. I will be making your scones soon and will think of you then :)

  2. The children are all working so earnestly. Sweet, sweet photos.

    Your gardening attitude is inspiring as gardening tends to overwhelm me.

  3. I saw that potmaker and was so tempted to get one. No I am even more so!