07 April 2009

Jane Smiles

Oh my goodness, I cannot stop cracking up at these photos. Jane was helping me make cookies and was was so cute eating nibbles of the dough. I snatched the camera and when I asked her to smile for me, this is the series of "camera smiles" I got.

Eventually I'll pull myself together and post the recipe (the cookies did end up rather tasty), but for now ... I've got to ease this giggle stitch out of my side.


  1. She's one of ours, all right. We always put our best face forward.
    You are beautiful, Jane!

  2. It's funny, but she doesn't look like she is enjoying the dough too much. I'm sure that couldn't be it!

    Cute pics of a cute little girl :)

  3. Those three-year-olds, they sure can entertain. I caught some comical shots of my little guy today, as well!