06 April 2009

It's Just Science

This was happening while I was inside doing the dishes. Apparently, a conversation about the intensity of sun rays coupled with the attributes of magnification, lead to this wholesome Sunday afternoon play. "It's science!" Pops would gruff. "It's fine. I'm right here in the garage."

... And then the neighbor came over. I was concerned with fostering potential neighborhood delinquency, but his dad didn't seem to worry either: "Sure. It's fine."

In this photo they were focused on "smokin' up" a piece of cardboard, but you can see the melted plastic cup carcass to the left (crayons and twigs came later). It was at this point Pops was rummaging around for extra sunglasses as a safety precaution for onlookers. Well, I guess that's somethin' ...


  1. oh, my gosh- that is funny. And there's little Lucette, looking as sweet as can be, grinning at the boys. Love it!

  2. At least they are all safe pyromaniacs! =)

  3. Oh! This is my life, and our Grandpa as well!! My son recently bought a book entitled, "Totally Irresponsible Science Projects" for he and Grandpa to do together!